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Please do contact us for your best order and good prices, Delivery is via USPS, FEDEX, UPS and Express Mail depending on customers and much more. we offer discreet shipping worldwide depending on the buyer’s location. We offer fast overnight shipping and reliable shipping within the USA, to Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, etc We offer our price list as per the buyer’s order.

Mike Luke – CEO

Our main objective and priority is our customer’s security which must be respected at all intervals. With this in our minds, we try our possible best to ensure all our customers get the best product delivered to them discretely and to their address. 

We have the ideas that Drugs is not legal in all countries globally and that’s why we recommend some information before shipping our products to any client. 

Since shipping is not 100 % legal in all countries, we have discreet packaging processing which we follow before sending products to all our clients hence assuring safe delivery to all our clients.

– No signature or paperwork verification is necessary for any delivery. The security of our buyers is basic and very important to us.
– We do ship globally/worldwide very discreetly. Security and safety is all we give our customers and buyers. Ordering in bulk ensures huge discounts.

Vacuum seal and Stealth packages on all parcels so it can’t be scent by any dogs or security detection (electronic sniffers)
– In cases when your shipments does not arrive on time, you will be compensated but not in cases of wrong information/delivery information provision.

All our products are wrapped and placed in oily plastic, no smell, no x-ray penetration, which cannot be detected even by scanners. We place them into play stations so buyers can receive them as games purchased.
We also send diplomatic packages in customized seals which evade all custom check ups.

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